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The Player Experience - Learning Life Lessons through Volleyball

Owing to the vision of our Founders, coupled with the selfless devotion of our leadership group, coaches and buy-in by our athletes and their parents as well as the full support of our founding sister club, A5, A5 Gwinnett has started to close the gap to be a top regional club.  

We’re often asked how our organization has  managed to achieve acclaim in such a short time span.  In addition to the obvious answer (we have been able to attract great athletes, who are developed and mentored by the best coaches in the area), we can point to four key differentiators:

  1. Start ‘em young.  A5 Gwinnett will have at least  two 12U teams each year and are looking to expand that in the  future. We do not cut our youngsters as we believe U12 is simply too young and we want them to develop the love of the game!
  2. Consistent Coaching.  One of our five core values, we do more than give lip service to it.  Our athletes are taught the same skills, culture and language from 8 to 18 years old.  And we never stop learning.  The best clubs in the land require their coaches to teach the same language, techniques, plays and culture from the time that they enter the club until they leave for college. GA5 ascribes to this philosophy, and has a master coaching structure in place to help implement it. Additionally, GA5 encourages and funds a variety of professional development opportunities for its coaches.
  3. Organizational Infrastructure.  Though we never aspired to become a “mega-club”, one of the benefits of size is that paid staff is able to handle administrative functions, enabling our coaches to do what they do best—coach and develop our athletes.
  4. Focus on Collegiate Playing Opportunities.  We provide guidance and support to all of our athletes, with the result that 100% of our seniors who desire to play in college have earned the opportunity to play; 
  5. A5 Gwinnett recognizes that the cost of playing club volleyball is high - out of reach for many families. So we've created revenue streams other than player fees.
  6. We also have a need-based financial assistance program in which we are able to help dozens of economically disadvantaged families with the cost of playing for our club. Concurrent with financial assistance, we provide a way for these families to earn money to help offset player fees.
It's easy for clubs to claim to be "the best" or to provide the best opportunity or experience for a player. While A5 Gwinnett might not be the right club for every club volleyball player, we do believe that we are the great alternative for those athletes willing to dedicate themselves to the sport; who have talent; who work hard; and who aspire to play in college.

A5 Gwinnett Volleyball Club: Teaching life lessons through the sport of volleyball.

A5, A5 Gwinnett and A5 South collectively sent 95 alumnae on to play in college in 2012 and 2013.

A5 Gwinnett Volleyball Club
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