2020-2021 Cost Structure

With tryouts approaching, we are frequently asked about the cost of playing for our club. In an effort to be open, communicative and transparent, we will summarize the cost of playing for A5 Gwinnett here on our website. We cover this information in the informational meetings in detail.

Our presented fees include tournament registration, coach and player lodging, coaching salaries, gym space, insurance, membership fees, and additional costs associated with running the club. The uniform fee is not included since players can re-use items from the previous year. The cost is expressed as a range. For example, the 14-1 team will be on the highest end of the range, where the 14-3 team will be on the lowest end.
For teams that have a flight, that has been included for the player only.  Please keep in mind that we are the only club in the country to have a group booking arrangement with airlines, ensuring we get the best possible costs for flights, saving families time and money. 

When reviewing the cost of playing for our club it is important to remember several things:

  • Since we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, every nickel that comes in to our club is deployed to the benefit of our members. We have no profit motive.
  • We know that it is expensive to play club volleyball. It is important for us to aggressively control costs wherever possible, and to remain cognizant of how the cost of playing for A5 Gwinnett compares to the cost of playing for other local clubs.
  • Lastly, it is important to note that many of A5 Gwinnett’s teams train through and compete in the AAU National Championships in June, which is included in the upfront team costs presented herein. This includes approximately 8 weeks of additional training over teams that end the season at SRVA Regionals. These are: every A5 Gwinnett team aged 15s-17s. A few local clubs have begun to imitate us in this regard; just make sure that you are comparing training seasons of similar length when you compare cost from team to team.
New this year to A5 Gwinnett is the Local program.  This program allows for athletes who are either new to the sport, play multiple sports or have a financial hardship to still take part in volleyball without the cost of traveling.  Anyone who tries out for the regional or local teams will make it.  The costs for the regional and local programs is less expensive than the national program and is a great alternative.
12U - 16U Local $1,455 (12U); $1,865 (13U & Older)
12U - 16U Regional $1550 (12U) ; $2150 (13U & Older)
13U - National $2,355-$2420
14U - National $2,975-$3275
15U - National $4200-$4250
16U - National $4080-$4860
17U - National $4,180-$4940
18U - National $3460-$4390

A5 Gwinnett Volleyball Club: Teaching life lessons through the sport of volleyball.

Since 2012, 100% of our graduating seniors who wanted to play in college had that opportunity.

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