New Tryout Policy - FAQs

Why did tryouts change to July?

 The Southern Region Board of Directors takes seriously its role to protect the welfare of all its members. We feel that this revised policy to allow earlier tryouts is more aligned with the realities facing the current times. That is, clubs have the independence to operate within their own framework and time schedule, while still abiding by region policies. The Southern Region Board of Directors will continue to encourage our member clubs to conduct responsible tryouts that protect the interests of the athletes by respecting school athletic calendars, to work with other clubs in their immediate area to schedule tryouts that allow the athletes to attend tryouts from as many clubs as they wish, as a courtesy to the players and other clubs provide a 4-day decision window and to respect the commitment policies of the Region.

When are tryouts?

Tryouts will be held after the conclusion of the 2022-23 club season.  The first day that the SRVA can allow clubs to hold tryouts is July 7, 2023.  Please refer to the website for more information about times and locations.

What if I can’t make it to Tryouts? 

A5 Gwinnett will be holding Tryout Evaluations during the month of June.  This will provide an opportunity for players who have conflicts to be evaluated prior to tryouts.  Athletes will still be required to register for tryouts to be considered for a team.  Registration for evaluations can be found on the website under Tryouts.

Will there be tryouts in the fall?

A5 Gwinnett will hold supplemental tryouts in August.  These supplemental tryouts will be a one-day event for 14 and younger and 15 and up.  This tryout will only be used to fill any spots/positions on either regional or national teams that are needed from the July tryouts.  Registration for supplemental tryouts can be found on the website under Tryouts. 

Will I know what team I made in July?  Am I officially on that team in July?

A5 Gwinnett will inform all athletes of the team they were selected for as have been done in previous years.  We ask that athletes come to tryouts ready to decide and commit to a team that they are offered.  However, per the SRVA rules, athletes will have a 4-day decision window to select a club IF they are offered a spot on a team.  Teams will be formed in July and players will be officially on their specified team.  A deposit will be required to hold athlete’s spot after official offer is received. 

Can I switch clubs/teams after I commit in July?

Teams will be formed in July.  If offered a spot, A5 Gwinnett will hold their spot for the required 4-day decision window.  A deposit will be required in July to hold athlete’s spot after official offer is received.  

When are Information Meetings for 2023-2024 Club Season? 

Information meetings will be held in June.  Please visit the website for dates/times.  All meeting will be held at A5 Gwinnett/Suwanee Sports Academy.

When will Training for Tryouts be held?

Training for Tryouts will work the same as in the past, but they will be held in May/June prior to tryouts.  Each club will post their training for tryouts on their own website.  Check each location for details.

When is commitment night? 

Teams will be formed in July with official offers from A5 Gwinnett.  Commitment night for A5 Gwinnett will be posted on the website.  This will typically happen sometime in August. 

What does training look like between making a team in July and starting practice in October/November?

Voluntary training sessions and workshops will be available (i.e. open gyms, etc) between July and October/November.  A5 Gwinnett supports high school programs so no official practices will be scheduled, only voluntary training sessions.

When does practices start?

Practices for A5 Gwinnett will start at different times.  For 14 and younger, the general start time will be around the middle of October.  For U15-U18, practices will start around the beginning of November or the conclusion of the high school state championships. 

When is the initial deposit due?

Initial deposit will be due upon commitment.  Families will be able to pay their club bill over time after the payment schedule is established. 

When is uniform day?

Uniform day will be announced later.  More details will come from your club director/coach.

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